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A picture of Paul Hugh Geluff - The Golden Beetle
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Paul Hugh Geluff - The Golden Beetle

The Geluffs were a wealthy family that earned their money through the trade of potion ingredients, an area they specialized in. Paul grew up with loving and understanding parents who supported him in everything he did. Nevertheless, his father expected great things from him, as he was the heir to the family business, the Golden Beetle, and the first of four brothers.

However, Paul Hugh was never really eager to manage his father's fortune. His interests lay elsewhere, as he knew from the first moment he held his wand that he wanted to study magic. His parents hired the best wizarding teachers to nurture his abilities, and simultaneously, his father trained him to use his immense stature. When he was fourteen, on a trip to a country near the Sparkles district, he met Leanne Vicrow. A girl who immediately caught his eye with her elegant and beautiful appearance.

Their parents met and saw a business relationship, as both families could benefit from a marriage. They decided to agree to an engagement talk. Paul was left alone with Leanne, who dropped her cute facade, raised her wand, and threatened to turn him to ashes if he came too close. Paul could only laugh at the drastic turn of events, which left Leanne confused and angry.

The two conversed, and Paul quickly realized that they could not feel romantic love for each other. Leanne announced that there would be no engagement, much to the dissatisfaction of their parents. Driven by Leanne's spirit of adventure, Paul decided to embark on a journey to the Swiss Outlands himself. A place known for its wild tribes and clans. For three months, he traveled and learned magic from the various wandering wizards he encountered along the way. When he finally arrived at his destination, Paul was quickly confronted with the harsh reality of life as he fell into an ambush and was left severely injured. Fortunately, he was rescued by a warrior tribe who took him in and nursed him back to health. Out of gratitude and impressed by their humble way of life, Paul asked to stay with the tribe to study their magical abilities.

After years of traveling and visiting countless tribes and clans, he even fell in love with a woman whom he secretly married. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long, and he decided to settle in a village near the port. Some months later, to his great surprise, Leanne Vicrow knocked on his door, accompanied by a red-haired girl with the ambitious plan of founding a new wizarding school.

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