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A picture of Dorcy Frigon - Fox of Fire
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Dorcy Frigon - Fox of Fire

Dorcy was born in a fishing town in Aequix, a land located on a different continent from Krones. Born as an unwanted child, she was abandoned by her mother and left as a baby on a garbage dump. Fortunately, she was found by a handful of pirates who took her in and raised her as one of their own. Naturally, they taught her to plunder, steal, and sneak onto hostile ships.

Thus, Dorcy quickly developed great speed, agility, and intelligence. At the age of nine, the man she considered her father entrusted her with his wand, which glowed intensely when it touched her small hand. Since none of the pirates were magic users, she experimented and learned on her own. Being a natural talent, her magical abilities grew quickly, as did the respect of the other pirates.

Because of her long red hair and her reputation for shooting first and asking questions later, they called her the Fire Fox. Even the officers sent by the government could not match her.

Years passed, and over time, her life began to become monotonous. No robbery excited her, and spending every day on her father's ship – who had died from a sword wound a few years prior – no longer seemed fulfilling. However, everything changed when they attempted to raid a research vessel. Dorcy encountered a small, thin girl with expensive clothing and the appearance of a porcelain doll.

This girl stood between Dorcy and the treasure they had come for. At the sight of the girl, she couldn't help but laugh. To Dorcy, it had been more than obvious that the girl was the daughter of a wealthy family. A family that would offer a large sum of money for her safe return. Dorcy lived up to her nickname and immediately engaged in battle. To her surprise, the girl was not as easy an opponent as her appearance suggested. The girl proved to be an experienced magician and an excellent duelist. Eventually, exhaustion caused Dorcy to lose concentration for a fraction of a second, giving her opponent the opportunity to deliver the final blow, which brought her down.

Angry and humiliated, Dorcy prepared herself for punishment. However, the girl helped her up and introduced herself as Leanne Vicrow. Dorcy was angry and unsure of what to make of it. As Dorcy tried to make sense of it, Leanne continued to amaze her by offering her a place on her ship back to her homeland, Krones.

Dorcy wanted to refuse, but she was fascinated by Leanne. She was practically the first and only rival who had managed to defeat her. On the other hand, she offered her a chance to see a different continent. It wasn't every day she got such an opportunity. So she eventually accepted and set off with Leanne on the journey to Krones.

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