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A Wizard's World logo
A Background of a stormy sea with a bridge and a Player looking at the Wastghor castle from it
Tile Background

Wildlife Sessions andPersonal Companions

Engage in Wildlife Sessions to train and enhance your Personal Companion. Overcome the challenges of skill and reaction exercises, manage their training levels, and utilize their unique abilities in transformations and duels.
A Lemur, representing a Personal Companion within A Wizard's World
Tile Background
The Wastghor Trophy

Dynamic EventParticipation and Rewards

Participate in special themed events that bring unique tasks and narratives. Solve the mysteries and complete tasks to earn exclusive rewards, fostering a sense of achievement and community among players.
Tile Background

Magical Education andReal-Time Learning

Various avatars sitting at their desks in the Arts of Magic classroom
Delve into a real-time educational experience where you master the arts of spellcasting, enchantment, and potion brewing. Earn top marks in subjects like Arts of Magic, Magical Counteraction & Protection, and Magical Transformations to prove your magical prowess.
Tile Background
Various avatars walking around and standing at their work stations in the Botanical Studies classroom

Botanical Studies andMagical Flora

Cultivate a variety of magical plants and seeds in Botanical Studies. These plants are not just for show—they're essential ingredients for your magical mixtures and other key aspects of the game.
Tile Background
An avatar standing in front of the Flame of Wisdom in Wastghor's Atrium, showcasing the sorting ceremony

Founding Houses andCharacter Destiny

Begin your journey by joining one of the four founding houses of Wastghor—Sarathin, Vicrow, Geluff or Frigon. Your character is uniquely shaped by a detailed analysis using the IPIP methodology, aligning you with a house and setting you on a path to compete for the prestigious Wastghor Trophy.
Tile Background
A player showcasing how to cast a spell in A Wizard's World with augmented reality
Experience the thrill of casting spells with accurate hand tracking technology. Learn and perfect your movements in the classroom, and apply your skills in practical exams before using them in the larger wizarding world.

Interactive Spellcastingwith Motion Tracking

Two wizards engaged in a strategic duel, using augmented reality to cast spells.
Challenge other players in strategic round-based PvP duels. Utilize spells, companions, and magical mixtures to claim victory, with damage calculated through a blend of speed, spell power, and tactical prowess.

Dueling and PVPCompetitions

Tile Background
An interactive map representing hidden riddles, key locations and quests in A Wizard's World

Continuous Challengesand Teamwork

With daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, along with hidden clues and adventures that require teamwork, the game keeps offering fresh and exciting challenges. Special themed events bring the community together for unique collaborative quests.
Tile Background
Various avatars walking around and talking to each other in the Magical Mixtures classroom

Magical Mixturesand Brewing Mastery

Unlock the ancient craft of potion-making. Follow precise instructions to create mixtures that provide crucial advantages in duels or aid during special events. Pass your exams to begin brewing in your very own magical brewery.
A Video-Frame

Trailer is coming soon

Welcome to 'A Wizard's World', an enchanting MMORPG AR mobile game where magic is at your fingertips! Set in the mystical Wastghor School for Manigfold Magic, this game is a haven for aspiring witches and wizards like you. Here, every player gets to experience a unique magical education, learning and mastering the art of spellcasting, potion brewing, and nurturing magical plants and seeds.
As you step into this wizard world, you'll find more than just a game. It's a community where you can meet new friends or team up with your current pals. Together, you can explore the school's secrets, solve magical puzzles, and uncover mysteries that will keep you hooked for hours. And for those times when you just want to relax, there's a variety of mini-games to enjoy with friends, perfect for a casual gaming session.
But that's not all. 'A Wizard's World' is also about showcasing your magical prowess. Test your skills in thrilling duels against other players, where strategy and quick thinking will lead you to victory. And if you're up for a challenge, enter the Battle Arena. Here, tournaments unfold where only the strongest and most skilled witches and wizards emerge victorious.
Whether you're tending to your personal magical companion, engaging in daily and weekly tasks, or competing in high-stakes tournaments, 'A Wizard's World' offers a rich, interactive experience. It's not just a game; it's a journey into a world of magic and adventure, right on your mobile phone. Join us, and let your magical journey begin!

Embark on a Magical Journey inA Wizard's World


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